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Remembrance AmmOMugs

The Remembrance  AmmOMug® is a Superior beverage mug for both hot and cold beverages.

2014, marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War, a war that lasted four years, and which it is estimated claimed over 37 million lives. So many sacrifices were made and many many families suffered the loss of close family members and friends. People whose loved ones returned, in whatever physical and mental condition felt very lucky in view of the numbers lost. A substantial number of military personnel were left permanently disabled by their war experience and had great difficulty making a living.

The famous poem 'In Flanders Fields', was written by  Lt Col John McCrae, who was inspired by the sight of bright red poppies thriving on battle torn fields. The poem prompted an American academic, Moina Michael to hand make silk poppies, which were then brought to England by Anna Guerin

The Poppy was adopted as a symbol of hope and Remembrance by First World War Veterans, who formed the Royal British Legion. 

France honors their fallen soldiers with the 'Bleuet' or Cornflower, using the same principle of producing artificial flowers to raise funds. One reason for the blue colour, is because the young French soldiers wore blue uniforms that was a simialr shade as the cornflower. During the yearly Normandy commemorations, a tradition has become established, in which English and French participants swap their Red Poppies and Blue Cornflowers.

AmmoMug produce both Red Poppy AmmoMugs and Blue Cornflower AmmOMugs, as our contribution to Remembrance. We are proud to honor not only WW1 military personnel, but ALL Veterans and those who have been killed or injured while serving their country. 

Carry your Remembrance AmmOMug to show your Support and Remembrance of Our Fallen Heros and Our Heros that returned forever changed. AmmOMug gets Noticed and gets People Talking!